Sunday, 24 October 2010 new site with various information, new sites created on October 13, 2010 is starting to grow quite well. Until October 24, 2010, visitors of this site has reached 33 people, who came from Indonesia (10), United (2), Singapore (2), Australia (1), India (1), and others (17).
Makers of this site is Rizki Putranto, 17-years-old boy, who has had various experiences, including the following:- 100 of the OSN (National Science Olympiad) level of DKI Jakarta Province,- 10 of the Try Out Online Telkom-Republika(Which was attended by the minister, Mr Prof. Ir. Muhammad Nuh)- Runner Up
blog writing competition - Putera Sampoerna Foundation
Now Rizki Putranto active in the field of technology, he moved with his group in creating new things. Various works have been created this group include: 99.99% secure website from hackers, gas stove with a computer system that can be turned off a dish has been cooked, digital scales that directly connect to the database, gauge the volume and depth of the liquid, home & building security, and security systems of government agencies, such as the Police Department.
This site has a diverse menu, such as product menu, in which there is information about the goods / services are bought and sold. Career menu, which contains information about job / career. Menu Link, which contains the link partner with large numbers. In addition, there is a submenu News, which provides information about the latest technology in the world.

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